Kristofer Voss
Studio of Fine Art
I'm often posed the question,"Where do you get your ideas for your
sculptures?"   My "ideas" come from within myself and through observations
of the world around me.  What I take from it, I nurture in clay and allow my
heart to guide me.  I have the freedom to add to what I see by merely using
my imagination.  

I strive to bring forth the grace and inner strength of the female, the tender
innocence of the child and the indomitable spirit of God's creatures.  

The relationship between humans and animals can be seen in a number of
my works.  In each piece, it is very important for me to focus on the smallest
of details. From the placement of a hand; strands of hair blowing in the wind;
the eye contact between the subjects; to the tiniest fingernails. In my view, it
makes the sculpture complete.

I have been able to use the talent that God has graced me with and I am very

I hope you enjoy viewing what I have created as much as I enjoyed creating
it.  If you are interested in purchasing my sculptures, please
click here.

Thank you for visiting my studio.
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